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Six-Tricks is a forward thinking artisan distillery situated in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast.


There can be no trickery, without mastery.

You have to know your craft to bend the rules and we love to bend the rules. The art and science of distilling are ancient, we respect and salute the rascals that pioneered a rich history of spirit-making and law-breaking. But as any decent scientist, magician, writer or artist knows, your best comes after you’ve mastered the trade. Our tricks aren’t foolish, they are eccentric, experimental, and thoroughgoing. We love tradition in all its glory, but frankly, it had coming.

Six-Tricks is a forward-thinking artisan distillery situated in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, two years in the making. With an affinity for innovative methods in crafting the fundamental six spirits, mixology, and product innovation, our legacy is founded on Rum & Whisk(e)y, though we have many tricks up our sleeves. We won't be shackled by rules or conventions. What we will do, is serve our valuable customers with best-in-class spirits, cocktails, and experiences.

We have big ambitions. The spirits market continues to be dominated by multi-national portfolio players but the upstart independents are carving through established, old and tired brands at a rapid rate. Australia isn’t globally renowned for its spirits (like its wine) but craft distilleries around the country are changing all that. Six-Tricks Distilling Co. is proud to be part of the new wave of Australian distillers set to make their mark. We don’t compete with our Australian counterparts, we share their pride and are generous with praise.
We welcome collaborations, events, products and ideas that showcase the Six-Tricks portfolio of brands on the global stage.